How To Pick the Right Acting School or Coach for Your Kids?

Jan 16, 2023 | Acting

Picking the right acting school or coach for your kids is a crucial step in their acting journey. If you’ve spotted a penchant for theater in your child and you’ve decided to find a good acting school to nurture your child’s budding theater bug, or if you are looking for opportunities to network with other parents who can give you advice on what to look for in a good school, this information is for you. 

Continue reading to learn how to spot a good acting school or coach.

1.   They Are Process-Oriented

A good coach is one who has a methodical approach to teaching the art. When they teach you something, they always tell you how, why, and what makes it so. They are interested in allowing the children to find meaning in what they’re learning, rather than just telling them what to do. Making one look good and throwing them onstage without instilling this understanding in them is a waste of time and talent.

2.   They Come with Varied Experiences

There are many different schools of acting, and it’s hard to know what’s right for your child –that’s why it’s important that your child’s first acting teacher has experience in multiple schools of acting.

A great acting teacher will not only teach them how to act but also help them figure out which specific techniques will best suit their style and unique needs.

3.   They Connect with You

A good coach can teach their students to connect to the character’s situation and get in the right headspace to give their best performance. It is nearly impossible to help students make artistic connections without building a personal connection centered around trust and communication. When a teacher is able to make connections with the students, it helps students understand the direction and allows them to be vulnerable enough to take risks and connect to their characters. 

4.   They Create a Safe Space for the Students To Grow

The best teachers are the ones who create safe spaces. This sense of safety promotes risk-taking and encourages vulnerability. A safe space allows them to learn from their mistakes, pick themselves up, and keep going.

5.   They Have No Ego

A good teacher is one who has no ego or bitterness and doesn’t make it about themselves, their career, or their name. They try to help the student in that movement and keep it pure, focusing only on the student and the craft. They are also ready for constructive criticism and are open to questions from their students.

6.   They Specialize in What Your Child Wants To Learn

Suppose your child is interested in studying and performing in a particular area or genre. In that case, there’s no getting around the fact that you will need to find a teacher who has specialized experience studying and performing in that specific area. This experience includes experience teaching kids between the ages of 5 and 19 as the way we learn evolves.

Having worked at SAG sets, Broadway, and other professional stages, we can bring real-world experiences to our students. So, if you are looking for acting classes or coaches for kids in NYC, look no further than Danny Greenberg Studio.

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We provide private lessons in-person and online in singing, acting, audition coaching, industry professional workshops, showcases, musical theater classes, and admissions prep with curriculums tailored to each child’s needs so they can build their self-confidence. Each year, we coach students for DOE High School auditions, and they consistently get into Laguirdia, Frank Sinatra, and PPAS. We teach acting, singing, and dancing lessons in midtown Manhattan, Greenpoint, and Park Slope Brooklyn. Zoom lessons are also available. Contact us for more information on the admissions process.