Life-Changing Acting, Singing, and Audition Classes and Coaching for Kids. From Recreational to Professional.


About Us

The Danny Greenberg Studio is a professional performing arts studio for children in New York and online, that focuses on vocal and acting training. Our students star in numerous Broadway shows, national tours, and feature films each year. Our studio welcomes students of all levels between 6 and 18 to foster their love of performing. Once they’re ready, we also help connect students to top agents and casting directors.

Since our debut, we have focused on three values: children, crafts, and community. Our students develop professional techniques and valuable skills they use inside and outside the studio. We help prepare our students for professional success and make personal impacts through charity cabarets and fundraisers.

We provide private lessons in-person and online in singing, acting, audition coaching, industry professional workshops, showcases, and admissions prep with curriculums tailored to each child’s needs so they can build their self-confidence. Contact us for more information on the admissions process.

Providing Best-In-Class Coaching

You invest in your future when you choose to work with the Danny Greenberg Studio. You are working with professional teachers with a track record of student success and a lifetime of training you can bank on. Our teachers constantly learn from master teachers, leading pedagogues, industry leaders, composers, casting directors, and actors. They bring their students a commitment to excellence, compassion, and an ever-evolving toolkit to meet their individual needs. The results speak for themselves: Through our efforts, hundreds of students have participated in numerous productions, including Broadway, community theater, feature films, television, and more. We believe in dreams of all sizes. Whether you want to perform on Broadway or gain the confidence to sing in front of other people, we are here to support you through time-honored techniques, honesty, and endless support. To learn more about our studio, contact us.