Private Audition Preparation

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Private Audition Preparation.

We are here to take the stress out of auditioning. Let us worry about the audition requirements, breaking down material, filming self-tapes, and the direction of your piece. This way, you can focus on being an artist. You’ll learn how to prepare for your next audition and be your best self in the audition room. We will walk you through each step of the audition process, from receiving the confirmation of your audition to filming your self-tape for you or walking in for your in-person appointment. We know auditions come with little warning and short turnaround times. We offer one-off audition prep and self-tape coaching with as little as 24 hours’ notice. The Danny Greenberg Studio offers 1-on-1 coaching to prepare you for your next call. It’s the perfect opportunity to get personalized guidance tailored to your needs.

For Musical Theater: Broadway, National Tours, and Regional Theater

The Danny Greenberg Studio provides on-demand Private Audition Prep for Musical Theater, including Broadway shows, National Tours, and Regional theater.

We prepare students for both acting and singing roles. We help you put your best foot forward, regardless of the audition requirements. We work closely with our students to quickly help them make bold and unique acting choices that bring out who they are.

You will work with a professional coach with extensive experience helping actors prepare for auditions, self-tapes, and performing in and directing theater productions.

The coaching sessions are tailored to each participant’s needs and can be conducted in person or remotely.

At the end of the session, participants will go into their audition with confidence, strong choices, and a strong sense of identity.


For Film

An audition coaching session at the Danny Greenberg Studio can help take the edge off and give you helpful tools to navigate your next film audition. We will walk you through each step, from understanding the breakdown to your self-tape or, if you’re lucky, your in-person appointment. We’ll help you understand your character better and connect to their situation more deeply. We’ll help you execute the technical and stylistic demands of the genre for which you are auditioning. We’ll also help you make bold choices and catch those “golden” moments in the frame that make an on-camera audition pop.

He emphasizes strong technique as well as authenticity and honesty in one’s work. I attribute most of Ayla’s success in reaching her goals and Broadway dreams to the work that she did with Danny. We are so grateful to him and all the knowledge and support he has shared with us over the past 7 years. I wholeheartedly recommend this studio and Danny Greenberg!



Mother of Ayla Schwartz (Frozen Broadway, Hunters (Amazon) The Miracle Worker)