Life-Changing Acting, Singing, and Audition Classes and Coaching for Kids. From Recreational to Professional.

Group Classes Info and Registration

Click below to enjoy the same professional training from our private studio in a group format. Each semester culminates with a share day. Acting, singing, and dancing classes run for 14-week semesters in the fall and spring. Fall Semester: 9/12-12/20. Spring Semester: 2/27-6/12.  Spring Semester: 2/27-6/12.

Tuesdays (Located at Greenwood Baptist Church 461 6th Street Brooklyn, NY)

Voice (Ages 7-10) 3:30-4:15

Acting (Ages 7-10) 4:15-5:00

Voice (Ages 11-14) 5:00-5:45

Acting (Ages 11-14) 5:45-6:30

Wednesdays (Located at 748 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY)

Junior Dance (ages 3-5) 3:30-4:15

Jazz Hip-Hop (Ages 7-10) 4:15-5:15

Jazz Hip-Hop (Ages 11-14) 5:15-6:15

Private Lesson Monthly Packages

1 hour per week


45 minutes per week


30 minutes per week


Private Lesson On-Demand Lessons 

1 hour Lesson


45 minute lesson


30 minute lesson


Working with Danny has added a lot of dimensions to our daughter’s performances. She understands that it’s not just about standing up and singing a song. He has given her the tools needed to understand her character’s objectives and her character’s audience. This has made her performances even better and fun to watch.


Parent of Voice and Acting Student