Life-Changing Acting, Singing, and Audition Classes and Coaching for Kids. From Recreational to Professional.

 Group Classes Info and Registration

Click below to enjoy the same professional training from our private studio in a group format. Each semester culminates with a share day. Acting, singing, and audition classes run for 14-week semesters in the fall and spring. Fall Semester: 9/10-12/17. Spring Semester: 2/25-6/10.

Join us on Tuesdays at Greenwood Baptist Church, 461 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Voice (Ages 7-10) 3:30-4:15

Intro to Acting (Ages 7-10) 4:15-5:15

Acting (Ages11-14) 5:15-6:15 


Join us on Saturdays for professional level (by audition only) classes at Ripley Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue, NY, NY). 

Musical Theater Performance (10-18) – Saturdays 1:00-2:30

High School Professional Acting Class (14-18) Saturdays 2:30-4


Benefits of the classes:

Intro to Acting

Through tool-building exercises, improvisations, and script work, students will walk away with the following:

• Self-confidence

• foundational acting techniques based on character situation and relationship

• An understanding of how to break down a script

• An ability to connect to a fictional world

• A deeper imaginative life


Acting (Ages 11-14) 5:15-6:15

Through classical acting exercises, varried scene work, and personalized lesson plans acting students will walk away with:

• a deep understanding of what acting is

• knowledge of how to make choices that shape character and relationships

• tools to help them in auditions and performances

• an ability to connect to the fictional world

• an understanding of how to actively pursue their character’s goals.


Professional Programming (by Audition or invite only)

Invite/Audition Only – submit a private link of a monologue or your best 32-bar cut to info@dannygreenbergstudio.com


Musical Theater Performance (10-18) – Saturdays 1:00-2:30 Ripley Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue, NY, NY)


If you’re a musical theater performer looking to deepen your craft and build your repertoire, this class is for you. This professional-style class is all about how you act a song. Students will spend each unit working on 32-bar cuts in a specific style to build their acting tool kit and rep book. Each unit culminates with a graded in-class performance. Students will be coached by a professional accompanist from the Broadway community and Danny Greenberg each week.


Students will walk away with:

• Strong repertoire in varied styles from Contemporary Musical Theater and pop to Legit Musical Theater.

• Repertoire that brings out who they are and highlights what they do well

• Tools to actively bring songs to life for themselves and the audience

• Audition skills from marking a cut, walking into the room, and giving their tempo to an accompanist

• A deeper understanding of how to be truthful in different styles of songs


High School Professional Acting Class (14-18) Saturdays 2:30-4 Ripley Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue, NY, NY)

If you’re a High school actor looking to be pushed by your teacher and classmates, this is the class for you. Danny will run this class as a professional acting school. Students will be trained in voice and speech and movement, working off of their partners, connecting deeply to their character’s needs, and applying their instrument building to scenes in varied styles, from Shakespeare to film.


Students will walk away with:


• A deep understanding of acting

• a foundation in technique from Uta Hagen, Meisner, and other schools of acting

• a commitment to finding truth in their work

• A usable toolkit for acting, auditions, rehearsals, and performance

• A strong voice and speech foundation centered on the latest voice science

• Comfrot in varied styles of text from Shakepeare to film

• Strong scene study skills


Private Lesson Monthly Packages

1 hour per week


45 minutes per week


30 minutes per week


Private Lesson On-Demand Lessons 

1 hour Lesson


45 minute lesson


30 minute lesson


Working with Danny has added a lot of dimensions to our daughter’s performances. She understands that it’s not just about standing up and singing a song. He has given her the tools needed to understand her character’s objectives and her character’s audience. This has made her performances even better and fun to watch.


Parent of Voice and Acting Student