Benefits of Singing or Vocal Classes for Kids

Jan 10, 2023 | Voice

Whether your child is just starting to sing or has already been singing for years, vocal classes can be a great way to help them improve their voice. Vocal lessons not only help your kids get better at singing, breathing, and self expression, but they also give them the self-assurance and social skills they need to succeed in other areas of their lives. 

Transferable Life Skills


Singing is among the most personal art forms. When a child sings a song, they share a part of themselves. Voice lessons allow kids to gain confidence through techniques they can rely on during a performance. Sessions shed light on how they can control their breathing, use their core muscles to project their voice, and work through the different parts of their instrument. To master these skills, your kids must also be in tune with their bodies and conquer negative emotions, like anxiety and nervousness, to express themselves freely. This awareness of their physical body and emotional state will enable them to confidently tackle complex problems at school, at work, and in life. 

Clarity of Voice and Diction

Though the ability to produce and respond to music belongs to the right side of the brain, the left hemisphere is responsible for processing elements like pitch, tempo, and melody. So professional vocal lessons focus on developing the left brain, which in turn improves language skills. In addition, having clear enunciation skills is another crucial aspect of being a good singer—it can also help your kid build public speaking and communication skills.

Improved Self Expression

Music is a great way to express oneself. It can be therapeutic and serve as an excellent outlet for feelings that might otherwise be bottled up. Moreover, helping children find their voice is an important aspect of the vocal lessons at Danny Greenberg Studio. We believe that the voice is closely tied to one’s idea of “self,” and so during our classes, we try to nurture your child’s voice and encourage them to develop it, which in turn will give them the tool to interact with and respond to the world around them authentically and confidently. 


Singing is also a great tool for connecting with other people. It provides children who are shy about speaking their minds freely in front of others with a comfortable and less intimidating medium of expression.

Artistic Benefits

Without proper training, young people might try to follow the musical styles of the people they admire. This can often lead to unnecessary muscle strain on their untrained vocal cords. A professional voice coach will be able to find a technique that is appropriate for their age to ensure they are following a sustainable and healthy vocal training regimen. Music classes will also teach them how to use their bodies and breathing techniques to support their sound. 

A good vocal teacher will teach your child different styles of music, ranging from pop and Broadway to rock and opera, which will help them expand their range and explore new prospects. 

Vocal instructors will also help your kid learn how to sing musically and craft a song through dynamics. Dynamics are musical devices that imply a change in volume, intensity, tempo, and/or articulation. Mastering dynamics will allow your kid to connect with the audience and better communicate both the meaning and emotions of the song. They will also learn how to interpret a lyric and communicate it musically through their phrasing, irrespective of the genre. 

An aspiring singer needs to understand how different registers can be used effectively. Learning how these registers are different from each other will give students a foundation that they can build upon when learning scales, arpeggios, and other vocal exercises later on.

Additionally, singing is an emotional experience that teaches children how to relate to the music they enjoy. Vocal instruction can help them understand lyrics and convey them musically through their phrasing, enabling them to relate emotionally to songs that hold special meaning for them. This will also empower them to sing with joy, ease, and confidence.

Enrolling your children in vocal lessons gives them a secure environment to explore their love of music while also giving them the tools they need to develop their artistic skills and social abilities. Get in touch with Danny Greenberg Studio today to bring these benefits to your child’s life through kids’ vocal or professional singing lessons in New York City or online.

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