Group Dancing Classes

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Group Dancing Classes at Danny Greenberg Studio


Jazz/Hip-Hop with Sarah Crane (Mean Girls) Weds 4:15-5:15 -ages 7-10 Weds 5:15-6:15 ages 10-13

Take this upbeat class with one of the best dance teachers and choreographers in NYC. Learn foundational techniques in jazz and hip-hop while mastering a fun mix of different styled routines.

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Junior Dance with Sarah Crane(Mean Girls) Ages 3-5 Weds: 3:30-4:14

The class is a fast-paced introduction to dance taught by Sarah Crane. She brings a lot of energy and pushes the kids to explore the foundations of dance and movement through warmups, stretches, across-the-floor routines, and dances. They alternate between ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern.

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Hip-Hop, Jazz & Modern Dance Classes

Why Group Dance Classes?

Group Dancing classes in Brooklyn are a great way to learn and develop Dancing and life-long transferable skills. These classes build confidence and improve coordination and movement skills through fun exercises and foundational techniques. Each semester has fourteen weeks of classes filled with dance routines, across-the-floor work, and technique work that culminates with a “share day” when we invite friends and family to observe the last day of class.

Our classes empower students to be confident and free artists. We teach the what, why, and how of Dancing. Even though the courses are in a group setup, we ensure that all students get equal attention and opportunities at the Danny Greenberg Stud


Private Dancing Classes at Danny Greenberg Studio.

Work one-on-one with Sarah Crane and other leading teachers from New York City to start your journey toward mastering the craft of Dancing. The Danny Greenberg Studio’s custom-tailored private dancing lessons in Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballet, or Modern will allow your child to learn everything they need, from foundational dance techniques to advanced stylings. Walk away with the confidence to tell human stories with your body and movements. Are you looking to learn more about Dancing or finally book that big part? Contact the Danny Greenberg studio today.

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