Are you ready for an Agent? The Agent Checklist 

Oct 20, 2023 | Acting

Signing with an agent is one of the most direct ways to get opportunities for young actors. Representation can mean appointment auditions over open calls and client advocacy when the agent is good. 

As child actors, you constantly evolve, so it can be tricky to know whether you’re ready to audition for an agent. You have to be young enough to have a runway and experienced enough to check the right boxes. 

Here is a checklist to see if you’re ready to audition for an agent. 

1.) You Know Who You Are 

When they walk into an agent audition, the most critical trait any actor can have is knowing their essence. You don’t want to tell the agent you are talented; that should be a give-in. Tell them what to do with your talent. Have an idea of current shows on Broadway and TV that you could be cast in today. 

2.) Understand the basic setup of acting 

G.O. T. E – Robert Cohen, one of the better-acting teachers in the country, uses this acronym to teach his college students a basic method for acting. It stands for goal, other, tactics, and expectation. At a minimum, you should have familiarity with goals and have a strong imagination and “actor’s faith” (belief) when you walk into an agent audition. 

3.) Comfort and confidence in front of people 

This number sounds like an obvious one, right? You’d be surprised how many talented young people (especially since the pandemic) are not used to performing in front of people. Try to practice reading commercials or monologues or singing in front of family or friends. Better yet, jump into a group acting class or community show. 

4.) Comfort Reading out loud 

99% of agent auditions for kids include a cold read. A cold read is when an actor is asked to perform text they didn’t get to prepare. Usually, agent cold reads consist of commercial copy. Getting some experience reading unprepared text aloud is an excellent idea before doing an agent audition. 

5.) Be a real Kid

That’s right! Be a kid. Casting directors are looking for real kids, not over-coached automatons. In turn, agents are looking for the same thing. Go into the audition as yourself, show them that you have a high talent ceiling and can take direction. 

6.) For singers* Have a strong 32-bar cut 

Singers should have a strong cut, or excerpt, of a song that shows off their voice. Pick the style that showcases your instrument best. Try to pick a piece that is age-appropriate. 

If you could check off a number of those boxes, you may be ready to put yourself out there. If you haven’t, now may be a great time to jump into a class to dig deeper into what you love. It’s much easier to do what you want when you know what you’re doing. 

Either way, remember: you are enough.

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