How to Create an Acting Resume for Kids 

Mar 14, 2024 | Acting, Auditions

How to Create an Acting Resume for Kids 

Starting a professional acting career as a kid can feel like a “what came first, the chicken or the egg” debate. So many doors won’t open without having already walked through them. How do you perform in an equity production without an equity card? How do you submit a reel with no film experience? How do you create a resume when you have limited experience?

Nailing the latter is your ticket to getting your first acting opportunity. The good news is that industry professionals know that most child actors are inexperienced. 

If you are a kid looking to get into acting and need to know what to include in your resume, keep reading. 

It’s Okay to Be Light

Take a deep breath. At 11 years old, you don’t need four Broadway shows, a tour, and three co-stars on your resume. Would those credits help you get an audition? Sure, but they aren’t necessary. Your resume should be a clear picture of your experience. As a kid, it’s okay if you are still building that up. 

Be Honest

There’s no need to exaggerate your training or performance history. When casting teams review your resume and headshot, they look for an accurate representation of who you are. 

Lean into Your Strengths

Do you play an instrument? Do you speak multiple languages? Have you been taking ballet since birth? Find the things that make you unique and highlight them in your training and special skills segments of your resume. 

Format for an Acting Resume for Kids 

Here is a format to copy for a resume.

Actor’s Name 

Union if applicable 

DOB: Agency, Agent (if applicable) 

Eyes: Hair: Agency Contact: Email & Phone

Height: Direct Contact: Cell & Email 


Theater: (NOTE sort by relevance, not year!)

Show Name Part Venue 

Beauty and The Beast Belle Two River Theater  

The Pajama Game Ensemble/Sid us The Lyric Theater NY 


Show Name Role Type Network

Frasier Co-Star NBC

Film: (Only if you have credits) 

Film Name Role type Director

Elf Support John Favreau 


Show Name Part Venue 

Pippin Pippin Montclair High School

Showcases/Other Performances 

Show Name Part Venue 

NYC Broadway Showcase. Featured Performer 54 Below 

Voice Recital, Various Soloist Spoke the Hub 


Type of Class: Teacher Studio 

Voice: Danny Greenberg DGS

Acting: Sanford Meisner DGS

Tap: Harold Nicholas DGS

Jazz: Bob Fosse DGS

Ballet: Rudolf Nureyev DGS

Special Skills: Juggling, Piano (Advanced), Guitar (Beginner), Contortionist, Baseball, John Madden Impression 

Accents & Dialects: British (RP), Cockney, Southern (soft R) 

After reading our guide, try filling out your first professional acting resume. Follow the tips above, and you’ll do great. 

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Contributed by Danny Greenberg, director of The Danny Greenberg Studio.