4 Steps to Stand Out in an Audition

Jul 21, 2023 | Acting, Auditions, Voice

4 Steps to stand out in an audition 

Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to coach amazing young actors. In that time, they have represented our studio in over 40 Broadway shows, national tours, and feature films. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a silver bullet. Their commercial success is a testament to their work ethic, the amazing teachers I’ve been blessed with, and these four guiding audition principles. 

Use these four guiding principles to stand out in auditions.

1.) Bring out who you are.

This step is your number one job in an audition. Too many young actors try to get a part “right.” Casting isn’t looking for a perfect performance; they are looking for an essence that matches the world they are building. 

Where do your humanity and this character’s humanity intersect? That’s where you want to work from. Find your essence, find how this role can access that, and let it rip.

How can you stand out from a crowd if you are a part of it? 

2.) Swing for the fences. 

Anyone can deliver a clean audition guided by Stanislovsky’s given circumstances. Most actors that casting sees each day will: Which will be perfectly boring.  

If you want to stand out, go for the home run swing. Make bold choices based on character, situation, and relationship. Extra credit if you can bring out number one here! What can you bring to this role that only you can while remaining true to the text? 

3.) Treat auditions like the first rehearsal.

This step takes away so much pressure. You go from being in fight or flight mode to being an artist. Prepare for your audition as if it were a rehearsal. Make choices, come ready to work, and then you will be open to the moment. Remember acting, singing, and dancing are all dynamic. Take the pressure off, free yourself, and prepare to play. 

4.) Find the humanity. 

Once you have successfully prepared steps 1 through 3, this step makes you an artist. How can you tell this story humanely? Too many young actors treat auditions like talent contests or as a medium to prove they can act. Slow down. We all got into this because of the humanity of telling human stories in a human way. Get to that. That’s where the gold is. 

Keep these four steps in mind when you prepare for your next audition. May the audition odds be ever in your favor! 

As always, remember: you are enough. 

Contributed by Danny Greenberg, director of The Danny Greenberg Studio.

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